GTSET Policies

GTSET believes that the general wellbeing and welfare of all children and young people who are involved in a number of different capacities through the Trust’s Community Programmes is of paramount importance. The Trust recognises that Community Programme staff working with children and young people in a number of settings have a responsibility to keep them safe and will seek to respond to that responsibility by encouraging best practice in all Safeguarding and Child Protection matters.

GTSET aims to promote health, development and educational achievement alongside football and sporting activities. GTSET recognises that children and young people have a right to be protected regardless of age, gender, disability, culture or religion. GTSET also works on behalf of people with physical and learning difficulties included in its ‘Adults at Risk’ policy.

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Equality Policy

Anti – Bullying Policy updated docx

GTSET Safeguarding Children and Young People policy

E-Technology policy

GTSET Codes of Conduct

GTSET Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

GTSET health and safety policy

GTSET Safeguarding C and YP policy

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy 2019

Whistle Blowing Policy