Sports & Education Trust

We aim to offer a diverse range of high quality activities and coaching to ensure we can provide the highest level of service possible. This has led to our staff being put through numerous National Governing Body qualifications and CPD opportunities in areas such as multi-skill sports, fundamentals, age appropriate coaching, self-esteem building and Autism/Asperger’s awareness, to name but a few. “I thought you just did football?” This is a common question we get asked by people. The answer is no, we at Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust offer a wide range of different sports and activities. Our staff are qualified to deliver a range of sporting activities.

Different types of coaching opportunities we can offer you:

PPA Time

PPA TimeGrimsby Town Sports and Education Trust offers the services of qualified and experienced staff to take control of PPA time and deliver Physical Education sessions. The sessions are planned between your school & GTSET, making sure that whichever sport is chosen for the session meets the schools national curriculum guidelines for PE. We have a session portfolio pack which covers all areas in the national curriculum; these include:

  • Invasion games
  • Team Building games
  • Throwing and catching games
  • Striking and fielding games
  • Athletics
  • Multi-Skills

We are also able to monitor and evaluate every child’s progress in relation to the National Curriculum criteria after each half term. On request, this can be done using a scoring system and will be put into a report that shows each child’s progress over the half term. This is designed to help your school reduce time on pupil performance reporting. If you would like more information on this please get in touch and we will be happy to demonstrate this.

After School Clubs

Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust have been running after school clubs at local schools for more than 25 years. Our aim is to provide safe and enjoyable sessions for everyone, whatever their ability. With greater emphasis being placed on physical exercise within the National Curriculum and the growing concern about the fitness of today’s young people within society, our after school sessions are an ideal opportunity for schools to provide children with quality coaching, exercise, encouragement, motivation and most importantly, fun.

Breakfast Clubs

The sessions are based on exercise, fitness and being active in fun ways. This is done by playing simple inclusive games that everyone can enjoy. All games are fun based and engaging for the children involved.

During these games we work on generic ball skills such as throwing, catching and co-ordination which can then be used in team games and learning to work together. Prior to the arranged start date of the morning sessions, we will come to the schools and fit the sessions within the schools national physical education outline. We have been delivering the morning sessions in schools for over sometime now and during that time we have seen a huge rise in their popularity.

Lunchtime Activities

Lunctime ActivitiesJust like the breakfast clubs, the lunch time activities are based on being active and taking part in fun based games. While doing this the children will be working on skills such as throwing, catching and team work. Lunch time clubs have proved popular in schools across the region for engaging children in positive activities during their lunch break