"It’s a fantastic programme as it encompasses both the academic and practical aspects of sport, and enables all the young people to achieve, succeed and progress"

− Graham Rodger (Head of Scheme)

"What a fantastic opportunity this is for the scholars. Firstly to be part of a professional sports environment and gain experience from many players, top coaches and ex- pros around the club. Then secondly to further their career in the sports industry through the BTEC Extended Diploma. I wish this course was available when I left school"

− Scott Drury (Course Tutor)

"What a fantastic opportunity to improve as a Futsal player but gain a high level of qualifications at the same time. The programme really gives learners the opportunity progress in Futsal with our full time training programme. Futsal has really exploded in this country and will continue to grow, young people should take this opportunity to be part of something very exciting"

− Mark Westerby (Coach)

"I am Coming towards the end of my two years on the course and I think it’s the best experience I could of have hoped for at my age. The knowledge I have gained and support from not only the tutor but the community staff, whilst working for the scheme, has given me the opportunity to go to University come September. The Futsal side of the course is unique in itself and it’s the closest thing to being a YT with training and playing competitive matches in the league, national tournaments and Soccer AM cup"

− Nath Lambert (Scholar 2012-14)

"I did a year at the local college and I didn’t achieve what I thought I would there. I then found this course and it was the best thing I have ever done. I get to play futsal everyday which is a dream in itself and get very good grades so I can achieve my ambition of going to university to be Sports Therapist"

− Alex Hodson-Smith (Scholar 2013-15)

Grimsby Town Futsal Scholarship


Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust offers young 16-18 year old sports people the chance to develop in a professional sports program whilst studying their Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport (worth up to 3 A-Levels).

The Futsal Scholarship resembles a Youth Team football apprenticeship with scholars training 4 times a week and competing against other professional club’s futsal teams.

Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust have teamed up with Franklin College to provide a quality learning environment and open up many sporting pathways after the completion of the course.

The unique aspect of the course is the scholars get the chance to apply their knowledge from the BTEC to enhancing their development as an athlete.


– Over 60 scholars have graduated from the Level 3 BTEC in 2014, 2015 ,2016 and 2017.

-100% of students were accepted by their first choice University in 2014, 2015 ,2016 and 2017

-76% of graduates now attend various Universities across the UK including Loughborough, York, Northumbria, Leeds, Brighton, Sheffield Hallam and South Wales.

-70% of students achieved DDM or above in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

– In 2017 five of the squad were given Loughborough Futsal Scholarships.


GTSET Futsal teams…

As well as competing in the EFL North league from October until May against rivals such as Hull City, Bradford City, Rochdale and Leeds Utd, there are several National trophies up for grabs such as the famous Soccer AM Futsal Cup as seen on TV. Grimsby Town’s four Futsal teams enjoy a lot of success on the court and have won their fair share of silverware over the last 4 years…

Grimsby Town have also built up and excellent relationship with the FA. In 2016 and 2017 8 scholars represented England Futsal U19s. One scholar us currently in the England U21s Futsal team

Season 2012-13

Grimsby Town A:– North East League 1 Runners up

Grimsby Town B:– North East League 2 Runners up- League 2 National Finals Runners up

Season 2013-14

Grimsby Town A:– North East League 1 Winners- Soccer AM Cup Winners- League 1 National Finals Winners

Grimsby Town B:– North East League 2 Winners

Season 2014-15

Grimsby Town A:– North East League 1 Runners up

Grimsby Town B:– North East League 2 Winners- League 2 National Finals Winners

Grimsby Town C:– North East League 3 Winners

Grimsby Town D:– North East League 4 Runners up

Season 2015-2016

Grimsby Town A:- EFL North East League 1 Winners- KinderSport Plus National Futsal Cup Winners- EFL L1 National Trophy WinnersIMG_6298

Grimsby Town B:- EFL North East League 2 Winners

Grimsby Town C:- EFL North East League 3 Winners

Grimsby Town D:- EFL North East League 4 Runners Up- EFL L4 National Trophy Runners Up

Season 2016-2017 

Grimsby Town A: EFL North National Championship Open Season winners

Grimsby Town C: EFL North National League 3 Open Season winners

Grimsby Town A: EFL Road to Nationals North Championship winners

Grimsby Town A: EFL National Futsal Cup winners 

Grimsby Town D: EFL National Development League Runners-up

Season 2017-18

Grimsby Town A: EFL Trust Super Cup Winners, EFL North Championship Winners, EFL National Cup Winners & EFL Championship National Winners

Grimsby Town B: EFL North Championship runners up

Grimsby Town C: EFL North League 1 runners up

Grimsby Town Development: EFL North and Midlands Development League winners 

Interested in this course?

Entry requirements: 4 GCSEs A*-C including Maths or English

or a Level 2 BTEC with A*-C in Maths or English

To request more information or to apply for the course please enter your details at the bottom of the page…


VIDEO: Grimsby Town Futsal Scholarship Summary

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